Thursday, November 18, 2010


So its 2010 and are us women still in the frame of mind of men approaching us? I mean yes we are independent and we make our own money and doing it all on our own but when it comes to making the first move we are still a bit TABOO! I love a man to approach me and to say what he means but is it wrong for me to see a good looking man across the room and approach him? Ladies tell me what you think!


  1. I think that as independent women we need to refrain from the cliche notion that men need to approach women. I'm a traditionalists but if I'm in a crowded room and I like a guy I'm not gonna remain silent and EXPECT the guy to see me and initiate the 1st initial 'Hi' and literally let love pass me by. We need to take charge of our situation! U buy him a drink and initiate convo. If he's a loser ditch him take d number and never call. Time we start to think and act like men do!

  2. I agree, nothing is wrong with a woman approaching a guy. I have been with my honey for 10 years and the first conversation we had was because I said "HI" to him first. Later I found out that he had intentions to speak to me, but my thinking is "why wait?" lol.

  3. I feel nothing is wrong with a female approaching a guy 1st.. If you are confident enough why not!! I have done it plenty of times because I look @ it as, why wait??... For the next female to get a hold of him before you do?? Not I LOL.. It doesn't hurt to approach someone that you find attractive you never know what u may get out of it